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The Rivitt Advantage

We power enterprise workflows by offering an IoT solution for data capture and transfer. Data are delivered in real-time direct to your data warehouse, alleviating costly platform restrictions and empowering your teams. Our goals are supporting your digital transformation process, simplifying data ingestion, and reducing operational complexity.

Ultra-low Latency
Low Cost

Say hello to Direct Data Pipelines. Endless possibility. Low cost.

Control and route your data as fluidly as the rest of your enterprise.

Products and Services

IoT - Edge pipelines
Our unique architecture allows us to deliver scalable, robust solutions at reasonable cost. Enhancing real-time analysis capability is our specialty, whether it be powering existing platforms or enabling the development of new operational potential

  • True real-time
  • Source origin agnostic – telemetry & machine data
  • Custom ETL & delivery
Custom business logic
There is more to pipelines than a single source and a single destination. Business intelligence & analytics software can now be utilized at their full potential by circumventing connector limitations

  • Multi-ingress points & multi-egress delivery points
  • Multiple inputs for a single edge device
  • Customized aggregation
Custom API deployment
Development & deployment of custom API solutions. End-point assimilation into your native environment means no limit to system integration

  • Containerized
  • Secured using industry-leading methods
  • Deployable to customer owned environments
Cloud storage and consulting
Cloud based storage & persistence of pipelined data

  • Custom storage solutions
  • Instances autoscale eliminating excessive computing costs
  • Instantly accessible
Sales & marketing data pipelines
Aggregating your data from any system and delivering them to you in a single simplified pipeline

  • Harvesting third party APIs
  • Actionable data for business decisions
  • Enhancing lean operations

Who Are We?

We are a dedicated team of engineers with backgrounds in enterprise-level data, devops, deployment and field operations. Proficient with implementation and integration at scale.

We've developed high throughput data applications for numerous industries and realized the perils of presumptuous analytics and poorly designed data architectures. We sought out to simplify the ever-growing data engineering field.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our pleasure to answer any questions you have

How much does our platform cost?

Our enterprise clients generally see a more than two-fold reduction in costs compared to previous data handlers. We have a dynamic pricing structure that is reflective of individual client needs, and can vary significantly with the scope of each project.

Monthly fees are determined on a combined metric of total data ingress and egress, based on approximate payload size (in kB) and frequency (messages per second per day). Compute, storage and networking are all accounted for in a single, simple pricing structure. Contact us to discuss your projects parameters.

How do you connect to our platform?

Connecting depends on the type of data you need our platform to ingest. We will work with you to determine a permanent and scalable solution.

How does our platform work?

Our sources push data from any location to your desired destinations, cloud based or local.

How do we ensure your projects successful onboarding?

We work with you individually to get your data pipelines up and running, including all necessary field installations and inital connectivity. From there the data pipeline is yours, while we step out of the way to not micromanage your service.

While we are here to remediate any connection issues that occur, we believe you shouldn't have to pay for support for platforms you already manage, and we think you'll agree.

How does our platform integrate with your existing infrastructure?

It's your data and your integration choice. An extensive ecosystem of proprietary platforms support our connection methods allowing data to flow into your existing tools. This means that there are no pre-existing formats you are constrained to.

While we pride ourselves in the simplicity and robustness of our platform, we are also happy to point the way to the right tool if your data needs transformations after flowing through our platform. Need a custom connection to flow into your data lake? We can help with that too.

What level of encryption do we offer?

The entirety of our infrastructure is secured by industry-leading RSA 512-bit asymmetric encryption with client owned keys. This means that you are the only one that has access to your pipeline, from start to finish.

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